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Accountability Buddy Failure

Accountability Buddy Failure

Runners who live in major cities have the opportunity to train with running groups. Running in groups is great way to meet people, hang-out, and maybe have a few beers. Nothing is more satisfying than having a team motivate you. 

On Instagram, I like to follow a number of “advance” runners, and they all have the same thing in common: They run alone.

For the majority of runners in the real world, we run on our own. There is no team or motivation squad. We hit the alarm—maybe a snooze button a few times—get up and run our miles.

Some runners in the real world are fortunate to run with an accountability buddy.

What is an accountability buddy? It is a person who holds you accountable for your workouts or other activities and actions.

My accountability buddy is Joseph Vilca, a man I swore to spend the rest of my life with in front of 120 guests seven years ago. He has the goal of running ultra marathons, which are races that extend beyond the 26.2 miles of a marathon.

Usually, we run together every day. But what happens when your accountability buddy becomes unavailable? When you are forced to run on your own? There have been a few episodes where I’ve had accountability buddy failure. Looking back on those workouts when Joseph was not present, my lack of motivation became apparent. Having an accountability buddy can serve as a boost to achieving our personal goals. It can be an incredible asset to a person’s success.

Training for any race is difficult. In the beginning, the goal is to finish the race. As time evolves, we tend to put our standards up to a higher level. Accountability buddies are there when we need a pick-me-up. 

In life we all have accountability buddies—even if we are not married to them. They hide themselves in other forms. Friends, family, coaches and social media can be accountability buddies.

Chasing the goal of qualifying for the Boston Marathon is a mission I’ve had for quite a while. Before I told my coach or husband about my secret mission, I knew what I wanted. Sometimes, I find myself lost in my own thoughts when my accountability buddy isn’t around. Which forces me to ask myself the following: Does having an accountability buddy define my success? We all like to believe the idea that we can achieve our goals and dreams without anyone, but are we trying to convince ourselves that we can make things happen alone?

I’ve come to the conclusion that my accountability buddy means more to me than I like to let on. For the next few weeks, I intend on reassuring my buddy that even though I’ve only got one bib to run the Bank of America Chicago Marathon 2018, this mission is a team effort. 

Week 1 Training, provided by Josh Maio.

Monday-Rest Day

Tuesday-Cross training, no running (Still recovering from my light jog during the Marine Corps half marathon

Wednesday- Maintenance miles

Thursday-Track day

Friday- Maintenance miles

Saturday- Maintenance miles (well I did quarter of the workout) Heading out of town on a mini vacation.

Sunday-  Church of the Long Run ( I think I was 11 miles short...beach and beer on my mind..I am sure I will pay for this later.)

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Who is your accountability buddy?

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