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I have an Addiction

I have an Addiction

Memorial Day weekend is a time to remember members of the Armed Forces who have died serving their country on the battlefields. This year, I decided to take a trip down memory lane-aka Camp Lejeune, NC— to reflect on my time serving my country in the Marine Corps and to enjoy the beach.

Driving along Western Boulevard., I reminisced on the years I spent here and the greasy food spots I used to patronize. While on my mini-vacation, I decided to hit up an old favorite Chinese restaurant. Turns out that the egg roll I loved so much back in the day contained shrimp. (After leaving the Marine Corps, I developed an allergy to shellfish and dairy.)

Taking the trip to North Carolina made me realize that not only have I changed my residence, but my food habits have changed too. In the past, I used to become giddy at the mere sight of the various, fast food chains found along Western Boulevard.

Now, I felt sad.

I couldn’t find a restaurant with locally grown food.

Runners are often plagued with the notion, that they must be thin as a rail to be successful. I already know that I don’t have to be super skinny. With that being said, I can’t continue to eat whatever I want and not face the consequences.  Our bodies are like engines. What you put into it will determine how your engine runs. If you put garbage into your engine, your car will eventually break-down. If you maintain your vehicle, then it might last forever.

Prior to moving to Virginia, farm-grown food never crossed my mind. My idea of the perfect meal consisted of a McDonald’s Big Mac and a large fry.

Last year, I spent time building my base to begin training for a half marathon, and I ate what I wanted. I paid for it: shitty-shit pants, bloating, and nausea (this is just a taste of my stomach issues). I thought that I could eat what I wanted because I ran everyday. Wrong.

Food is a very touchy subject. There are thousands of blogs, YouTube videos, news articles and social media claiming that they have the key to acquiring the perfect body, which will lead to happiness and becoming a fast runner. Ketogenic, paleo and gluten-free, are a few diets that pop into my mind.

Have you ever heard the phrase, “It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle?”

I live in an environment where people thrive on the idea of taking care of their bodies and swear by their crazy diets. They act as if their fitness routines and dieting choices are the best. They spend years focusing on their bodies and maintaining the “perfect lifestyle." It can become overwhelming and damn near anxiety-inducing to come up with the best solution for yourself.

However, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that eating McDonald’s and other fast food will have negative long-term effects on our health. But why is it so hard to turn down? Is there a secret ingredient to make us crave these foods?

I’m starting to believe that I’m addicted to fast food.

For this training cycle, I plan to avoid greasy foods and just keep it clean. Let’s ditch the fad diets and unhealthy foods. We will focus on what we need to make our engines run forever.

Week 2 Training provided by Josh Maio

Strength training…here is a secret: I don’t do it! I haven’t been doing it, but since I’m in week 2 of training, I promise myself that I will do it every day for the next 20 weeks. It will be tough but just maybe if I believe in my coach and his craziness, I might just make it. From our conversation, it appears that I wasn’t doing what I needed to do last week, so here are the results from this week’s training.

Monday- Rest Day

Tuesday-Cross training (no running)

Wednesday- Maintenance miles/cross training

Thursday- Lucky's Fun Run was canceled, so I ran some miles in the rain/HIIT

Friday- Maintenance run (I did not run. My schedule on Friday is the worst!)

Saturday- Track workout (I did some maintenance miles, still recovering from HIIT. I can finally walk up the stairs in my house)

Sunday- Church of the Long Run (In the rain)


Rice bowl with chicken and avocado



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