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Seasons of Running

Seasons of Running

Running in the summer in Virginia feels like running in a sauna with all your clothes on. I like to run in a sports bra and shorts, but I'm trying to figure out ways to run naked through my community and not get caught. Staying hydrated is essential. The phrase I heard repeatedly during my 12-week training at Marine Corps boot camp on the infamous Parris Island was "Drink water and live; don’t drink water and die." I haven’t thought about my time on Parris Island until recently. How the hell did I survive?

At some point during my training, I have traded in my job as an editor and became a meteorologist. I never leave my house without checking the weather. It’s funny how much the weather has an effect on which races I choose to run and the seasons that I want to put out those miles. Since I am a year-round runner, I can speak from experience on running in all seasons. Let me tell you summer and winter are neck and neck. As if the heat isn’t bad enough, imagine running in temperatures sub-freezing and winds at 30 mph. It was a rough winter of 2017, but I made it.

As I look back on last year's freezing memories, I am contemplating whether I want to put in so many miles this year. My accountability buddy Joseph swore up and down that it was unbearable to go outside during the winter. I heard on numerous occasions, phrases such as "You are on your own” or “It's too fucking cold to run outside." Is it time to replace my accountability buddy? Running on the treadmill is not my idea of a good time, so I figure I will brave the elements and duck into a friend's house to defrost if needed.

 We are in the middle of summer, and I’m already planning next year's races and training season. Running all year round is something that I take pride in. Most runners are what I would like to call "seasonal runners." When my followers ask me what am I going to do once Chicago is over, I say, “keep training.” October is not the end of my running journey, it's just the beginning. Such a cliché thing to say, but it's true. I have come to the conclusion that I will do whatever it takes to get to the finish line. I hate working this hard, but I will put that aside and really push past my limits. I relate to the lyrics that Grammy-winning artist Kendrick Lamar raps, “I got hustle though, ambition flow inside my DNA."

There is no reason for me to stop running. Yes, I’ll take the standard two to three weeks off after Chicago, but what next? If you know me, then you know I already have a plan A, B, C and potentially D if I need to pull something out of my ass. Let me just say the goal time of  running a 3:40 marathon time at Chicago is my current goal, but like I said, I am already working on the ultimate goal. For now, I will keep it to myself and see what happens.

Week 10 Training Provided by Josh Maio

Monday- Track workout Fartlek

Tuesday- Maintenance miles

Wednesday- Track workout Quarters

Thursday- Rest Day

Friday- Maintenance miles

Saturday- Maintenance miles 

Sunday- Rest Day

2018 Race Schedule

Chicago Marathon 2018

Chicago Marathon 2018